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Oddfishie Designs


A.k.a. Michele Hu, metalsmith.

Started in 2005 in NYC (the city I was born and raised). Still made in NYC, with added production in Lahaina (Napili!).

The production is small run, since I do over 90% of the process- designing, wax carving, benchwork, stone selection, settings, assembly, and finishing.  This is why there is no fast design/production schedule of 5-6 lines per year.  There used to be, but I learned that the prolific commercial way dilutes my design ideas. Also, the family life keeps me away from the long bench hours.  The tradeoff is worthy to me- slower developed designs that stay interesting for a longer time.  Less consumption, more satisfaction!  I do 1-2 lines per year now.  


Inspiration over the years:

2005- Gypsy, Sergei Parajanov

2006- 1700's Baroque, Catholic Church icons, Armenian folk

2007- Reptiles, Marine life

2008- William Morris, Rudolf Nureyev, Seeds, Water in dripping/dropping forms

2009- Spikes, tendrils, and tentacles in nature

2010- West African tribal (Dan), lava, pitted fruit

2011-  Waves, Caterpillars, Jellyfish

2012- Biology, Cells, and Pods

2013-  Logarithmic and Archimedian spirals, Fractals, Ferdinand the Bull,  Mother Russia, Himalayan painted art motifs

2014- Bumps and Lumps

2015- Rocks, Flowers, Honolua, Noodles

2016- Joints, Points, Feet, Mervin Peake

2017- Holes, Crevices, the absence of a quality that defines the subject's essence

2018- Coming soon!  Tree knots,  Fujiko Shiraga


How To Buy

Individuals- Please email me. Or go on Etsy. Find me in a boutique in NY or HI area. If you can't find me, ask!

Retailers- Please send email/fax request for price list & line sheets.


6 months full refund/exchange from date of purchase for undamaged jewelry.

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